Member Spotlight: Tammy Chad

Meet Tammy Chadd, Member since 2017.  Tammy is currently serving on the EWHC Membership Committee.

  1. Work:  Compliance Program Manager at IU Health Plans; she is certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC).
  2. Family:  Tammy lives in Franklin Township with her husband Tom, son Logan, Dempsey her dog, and Nemo her cat (named after Captain Nemo, not the fish).
  3. Fun facts:
  4. Tammy loves sports; football, Indianapolis Colts; soccer, Indy Eleven, USA Soccer, and Manchester United; golf; and tennis. Tammy played collegiate tennis at Indiana State University.
  5. The Chadd family are home brewers. They brew, ferment, bottle, age, and then, most importantly, enjoy; they have a fondness for making Lager and Scottish Ale.
  6. Tammy loves to swim with the fishes. She snorkeled with and kissed Sting Rays in Grand Cayman and snorkeled with nurse, black tip, and leopard sharks in Florida.
  7. What Tammy has to say about EWHC: I am so happy I was introduced to and joined EWHC. EWHC is a welcoming community of wonderful women who lift one another up.  The EWHC sisterhood supports your individuality, professional development, and personal priorities.  The variety of events offered allows you the opportunity to choose to participate in those things that you are interested in and/or want to expand your horizons on.  As I continue to meet and get to know our members, I am in awe of the knowledge, humor, passion, and compassion of our members.

If you see me at an event or out in the community, please make sure to say “hey”.