Financial Literacy 101

February 24, 2021

Speaker: Courtney Willey

Why is financial literacy important? Financial literacy is the first step toward financial freedom. This workshop will help you understand your money and use it to get more out of life-including those big goals like living debt-free, retiring early, helping your children through college, and owning a home. Financial literacy is the first step to building strong money habits and avoiding lifelong financial struggles. You’ll earn, spend and save money in a way that’s more meaningful to you.

Courtney Willey is a Financial Advisor with Cetera Investors in Indianapolis. She is originally from Northwest Indiana and got her degree in Sociology and Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Indiana University Bloomington. She has spent the last decade in the financial services industry as partner to hard working people that want to retire comfortably. There are so many decisions and options along the way. Working with her means you do not have to make those choices alone or without knowing all the pros and cons. She specializes in working with Women, Educators, young professionals, families, and LGBTQ+ individuals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking and running after her little ones.


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