HFMA/EWHC Joint Event

September 29, 2022

Speaker: Karen Valencic, Jessica Gendron, Lindsay Willard, Alex Perry

EWHC and HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) are joining forces for this day of inspiration and networking for women in healthcare. The day will feature speakers sharing topics on leadership, conflict management, work life balance and communication as well as networking with some of Indianapolis finest women in the health care industry.


Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Ritz Charles, Carmel

9:45 am: Registration

10:00 am: Welcome

10:05-11:00 am: Conflict Mastery with Personality Differences (Karen Valencic)

11:00-11:55 am: 7 Female Leadership Competencies (Jessica Gendron)

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00-1:55 pm: Managing our Precious Time (Lindsay Willard)

1:55-2:00 pm: Horizon House introduction

2:00-2:55 pm: Communicating through Conflict (Alex Perry)

3:00-3:55 pm: Purse Drawings/Happy Hour


Speaker Topics:

Karen Valencic, President of Spiral Impact Leadership & Team Development

Topic: Conflict Mastery with Personality Differences

Conflict is the spark that lights the fire of innovation. However, the flames and embers of conflict can also destroy trust and vitality that are essential to bring out the best in people to create high-performing teams and successful relationships. Some people may seem almost impossible for us to work with, while others are pure joy. Why? Personality differences often are the friction that create the fire! In this interactive program Karen Valencic will blend concepts from physics and the martial arts for an overview of conflict mastery and how to collaborate, and even thrive, with differing personalities in that process.


Jessica Gendron, President at The Center for Leadership Excellence & Host of Ladies Leading

Topic: What it Takes to Shatter Glass: 7 Female Leadership Competencies

As a leader and female CEO, Jess always felt alone in her experiences. Jess thought she was the only one facing the obstacles and challenges she was, in her career. When she joined a women’s group, she quickly realized she wasn’t alone and began to wonder how other female leaders had conquered them. Have you ever wondered what it really takes to shatter glass ceilings and break through barriers as a female? She did too, so she asked. Through a series of interviews and honest conversations, Jess asked successful female leaders what was critical to their success. And guess what happened? Their answers were the same. Using the research and data from these conversations, Jess will help you understand the Female Leadership Competencies that are crucial for success in life, leadership, and our careers – whatever challenges and barriers we might face. This highly engaging keynote is part research, part technique, and 100% for women who want to truly break through professional barriers.


Lindsay Willard, President at 10 More Seconds, LLC

Topic: Managing our Precious Time: 10 Tools to Improve Work/Life Balance

As a full-time working mother to three young children, Lindsay was feeling completely overwhelmed and at odds with trying to balance her work with her personal life. As a woman who managed corporate wellness programs, she was finding that she wasn’t alone in this mindset. She realized that, as a health educator, she needed to listen to the advice she was sharing with so many women working in the corporate world. It’s a fact: There aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that you need and want to do. Another fact: by implementing some basic strategies and taking a closer look at how you manage your time, it IS possible to feel a little more in control! In this fun, interactive session, Lindsay will invite you to take inventory of how your time is presently spent and find ways to sneak in more things that improve your quality of life. Lindsay will also share breathing techniques and light stretching exercises (which can be done from a desk) to restore and energize you throughout the workday. While she can’t hand out extra hours to add to your allotted 24 (though she would if she were able), she will help you look at your schedule from a different and more positive perspective.

Alex Perry, CEO at Practically Speaking, LLC

Proposed Topic: Communicating through Conflict

Have you ever had a tough conversation and thought, “Dang it, I wish I’d said that differently.” Maybe you’re avoiding a difficult conversation, hoping your problem will “go away on its own.” Are you exhausted from doing verbal gymnastics to “keep the peace” at work? Or even worse, are you considering quitting your job to avoid having a tough conversation? If so, you’re not alone. Research from leadership training company VitalSmarts found that “one in four people have been putting off an uncomfortable conversation for at least six months, and one in 10 have been doing so for a year”. Avoiding tough conversations in our workplaces leads to lower engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. But what would happen if you reframed the way you thought about difficult conversations? What would it be like to walk away from a conversation knowing you said what you needed to say the way you wanted to? How much better would work be if we didn’t allow the fear of difficult conversations to limit us? Alex will uncover the mindset shift needed to hold difficult conversations with ease. She shares practical and tactical examples of language you can use immediately and helps you navigate challenges along the way.

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