Healthcare Disruptors are Here to Stay – Let’s Embrace Change

November 12, 2020

Speaker: Andrea Sponsel & Teri Joy, BSA Lifestructures

Join us for a presentation and conversation about Leading through Disruption.  Improving what we do and what our teams can do every day is why we all invest our time in education.  Knowing where to start and how to frame the conversation is half the battle.  This conversation will highlight some of the lessons learned and areas of focus as a process improvement leader and change leader in your organization. 

Andrea Sponsel is the Director of Lean Strategy and Change Management at BSA LifeStructures.  She began her lean journey nearly ten years ago, and was immediately immersed in the philosophy of improving what we do every day, and eliminating waste to create value.  Since then, her passion has been teaching the technical side and people side of change to others at BSA, promoting a more inclusive and efficient delivery of design.  

Teri Joy is the Senior Healthcare Operations Planner at BSA Lifestructures. As an operational planner, with  years of experience as a registered  nurse, Teri helps healthcare teams  develop new workflows and  processes that improve eThciency, safety, utilize best practices, and focus on patient- and family-  centered care. Focusing on these  tasks give clinicians more time to  focus on patient care needs and do  the work they were meant to do.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM



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