“People Suck: How to Effectively Deal with Difficult People and Situations”

February 12, 2020

Speaker: Amy Woodall

How much of your time is spent putting out fires? Do you feel like difficult people or situations are passed around like a hot potato in your organization? Tired of being so reactive? Challenged with managing expectations?

In a world chalked full of timelines, promises, and high expectations it isn’t enough to simply be good at your craft. Doing a job well-done is half the battle. People problems can often hold the best of business plans and relationships hostage. How challenges are handled before, during and after makes all the difference in not only outcome, but also growth. Many folks will claim they would love their job if it weren’t for people. Can you relate? Join us as we hear from Executive Vice-President at Sandler Training, Amy Woodall – she will give us practical tools to help us navigate these difficult situations.

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