Third Quarter Luncheon

August 23, 2023

Speaker: Jessica Gendron

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Self-Advocacy and Self-Promotion: Overcoming the “Selfish” Label

with Jessica Gendron, President & CEO of The Center for Leadership Excellence

As women, we’ve been socialized to believe that advocating for ourselves and promoting our skills and accomplishments is “selfish”. We’ve been trained to view that behavior from other women with intense judgement, too. We’re expected to be supportive, caring, and nurturing by society which translates to being fierce advocates for the people we care about and terrible advocates for ourselves. Yet men self-advocate and self-promote effortlessly with minimal penalty. How do we learn to better advocate and promote ourselves while also override our intrinsic nature to judge other women who do? Let’s talk about and learn how you can be a better self-advocate, while cheering on the other women who do, too.


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